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First week of ds106: Introduction

My friend oh so greatly introduces me on youtube!

This is Kashmir! aka the place my friend said I was from :)

One of my all time fav songs!

Weekly Summary
This week was kind of hectic with classes and everything, but overall I enjoyed it. Making the social media accounts was the easiest part for me. I enjoyed my YouTube introduction video the most be because I had never done anything like that before. The most challenging part for me was getting my blog connected to the class hub. But major shout out to Burtis for your help, I’m glad my blog is finally connected to the hub!

Next exploring the concept of noir was a little challenging for me. After I read the articles I still didn’t have a clear idea of what noir was, but after watching a couple of items from the list I was able to see the concept of noir visually. I enjoyed the courageous cat, bugs bunny, scooby doo and The truth podcast the most I also liked that although these were different videos and concepts you could see some of the same underlying themes in all of them. For my own example of noir I chose an episode of courage the cowardly dog. I am still struggling with the concept of noir and it is not something I can easily connect to but I am excited to see what I learn from it during my time in this class.

Also this week I learned that understanding technology and social media does not come to me naturally. But with the help of others and paying close attention to detail I can do it. I think in the future I need to give myself ample time to complete assignments so I don’t feel too overwhelmed at once when I don’t understand a concept. I know I’ve said this many times before but I am super excited for this semester!!! :)