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Weekly Summary; Week 6

A hectic but exciting week in ds106!

We finally made our radio show; House of Noir
Radio Show Week 1

For my audio assignments I got to use my newly acquired audacity skills. For my character Jeffrey Davidson I had a voice-mail and portrayed an emotions through sounds. I enjoyed these two assignments about my character. It was a chance for my to bring my character to life via audio. I always have had an idea in my head of want I thought Jeffrey would sound like in my head but getting a chance to act it out really help my connect to my character.

The other audio assignments I did were 1, 2, 3
My favorite assignment was the Make Em’ Laugh one. I got the chance to practice my other language Pahari. I love assignments that allow me to incorporate other aspects of my life to ds106!

Lastly this week I live tweeted the ds106 radio on Thursday. Live tweeting is one of my favorite things to do for class. Its a chance to enjoy a great story with your classmates and see how everyone else is understanding the story.

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Overall I enjoyed this week. My group and I set the ground work for our radio show and I am excited to see how where that leads us. I think this week also gave me the opportunity to work on my audacity skills and I think I have finally got the hang of using that application. I also got more comfortable this week commenting on peoples post (something I have struggled with in the past). Bring on week 7 !!! :)

Radio Show; House of Noir

So this week we created our radio show, House of Noir! My group includes Janaye, Janelle, Rhiannon and myself. To make communicating easier we made a Facebook group to share all of our ideas. Our radio show is a advice talk show. Where people call in and ask for advice. We are incorporating our character dossiers into our radio show by having them be the one that people call into at the studio for advice. Janelle, Rhiannon and and my characters are the prototype of the jerk with the heart of gold while Janayes character is a femme fatale prototype. Along with the radio hosts we are also going to have the callers that ring in for advice. What I had in mind as far as the calls we got were something along the line of a girl who just went on a date with a jerk with a heart of gold and she doesn’t know how to interrupt some of his actions. Then one of our characters could answer and explain why the jerk would act like this in the first place. We have also formed a google doc to help us to collaborate our ideas easier. I am excited to see where our radio show goes next week and to see our final product!

House of Noir Logo


This is the logo I made for our radio show, House of Noir. The other members of my group included people in their logos and I wanted to do something simple and to the point. So I got searched house on google and copied it to paint and added OF NOIR to the bottom. At first I was fearful that someone would call it home of noir but after showing a couple around me they said when they saw the logo they thought “house” not *home* of noir so *phew* I am glad the message got to people.

Make Your Own Ringtone

Make Your Own Ringtone - 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make your own ringtone using audacity. I used the intro of my three favorite songs Lost, I Lived, and How To Save a Life and cut and pasted them to make my ringtone. I wanted to make sure I did not have any words for my ringtone so I used only the first couple of seconds of the song. I used some effect elements on audacity such as fading out so as my ringtone continued to ring the volume would become less and less giving the impression of fading away. Initially I did not like how my ringtone sounded but after cutting and pasting the different sounds I enjoyed my final ringtone and downloaded it to my phone :)

Imitate Some Weather

Imitate Some Weather - 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to imitate the sound of some kind of weather. You could use your voice and things that were within arms reach for you. I chose to do the wind and rain. For the wind sounds I made a couple of long whoosh whoosh sounds. For the rain sounds I tapped on the table desk that was working on and also on the base of laptop. I think the rain sounds were more believable than the wind sounds.

Voice-Mail Machine

Movie Voice Machines – 2 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to create a voicemail for fictional character. I chose to make a voice-mail message for my character Jeffrey Davidson. I used sound cloud to record myself. I attempted to deepen my voice to sound like man (did not do the best job) and I also tried to act as mean as possible. Instead of saying who you called I said “you should know who you are calling because you called me”.

Emotions Through Sounds

Emotions Through Sounds – 3 Stars

For this audio assignment you had to portray an emotion through sound effects. I chose to do this assignment for my character dossier Jeffrey Davidson. The story I was trying to tell though sound effects was when his mother died. I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts what a difficult time in Jeff’s life this was and being able to bring those emotions alive was very interesting. For the assignment I used and audacity to make my story come alive. I used four different sounds including the flat lining of a heart monitor, silence, sobbing, and foot steps indicating someone is walking away. I used the flat lining to indicate the Jeff’s mother had passed away and I immediately after included a couple of silences to portray the shock and speechlessness he felt after his mothers passing. I then used the sobbing sound effect to indicate that Jeff has come to realization what his mother dying meant to him. I used the walking away sound effect to show that after his mother death he decided to walk away from his life in California and go elsewhere to deal with the pain of his mothers death.

Make Em’ Laugh

Make Em’ Laugh – 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make a joke in another language other than your mother tongue. I decided to make a joke in Pahari the language that both my parents speak. Although I understand Pahari it is still difficult for me to speak it at times. I used audacity and to make my audio file. The joke I made was about a man who goes into and zoo and sees that all the animals are laughing but the donkey. He comes back the next day to the zoo and sees only the donkey is laughing. He asks the zookeeper why only the donkey is laughing and he says he just understood the joke. haha :D

Weekly Summary; Week 4

This week our focus was everything audio. When I first watched the introduction video I realized what a difficult week this was going to be for me. Mostly because audio is something I have never really worked with, but I guess there is always a time to learn. The first thing I did this was week was download audacity and started to play around with the application. I was overwhelmed at first because the application has a lot going on and it is hard to isolate what exactly one needs to complete and assignment. For my writing assignments, my radio bumper, and a daily create I used the Audacity application.
When completing the radio bumper the biggest challenge I faced initially was trying to get my voice and the background music to play at the same time. I was not sure where I was importing music from or how to record my voice. After looking a couple of different youtube videos I saw how easy it was to have my voice play over the background music.
For the Sound effects story assignment a challenged I face with audacity was getting each sound effect to play after each other. I was able to add new sounds but they kept playing after one another. Again after a quick YouTube search I was able to learn how to do that as well (yay)
My two audio assigments (1/ 2) I used audacity as well but it was easier for me to maneuver around the application because I had much more experience using it.

For my daily creates I complete an audio and visual assignment. I enjoyed the audio assignment because it really got me thinking about how I would explain my in a song. I realized that not many American songs (although great) really did not capture me as a person. I was able to find a great Indian song that I think in my opinion really encompasses who I am and the two different diverse cultures I belong to.

My favorite assignment this week was live tweeting ds106radio stories with my classmates and professors. It was interactive and really helped me apply all the different noir themes in non visual setting. The reading and watching assignments also were also another great resource in furthering my understand of audio story telling. Watching two clips of the same scene with different audio components helped me to see the impact different background noises can have on story telling and the impact audio has on story telling in general.

I struggled with coming with an idea for my radio show assignment . I have an overall idea about what I want to work on but I just couldnt come up with the logistics of how to make it happen. I want to continue to work on it and hopefully have a clearer picture of what I want my radio show idea to be.

Overall this was week went much differently than I thought it would. I definitely was nervous venturing into new territory but I am really proud of myself for figuring my way around audacity and not being discouraged just because something is new to me. I feel like I say this every week but this really was a enjoyable week for me and I can not wait to see what comes next. Also I need to work on budgeting my time better and not leaving everything to do for the weekend. I think I would enjoy these assignments more if I gave myself more time.