Emotions Through Sounds

Emotions Through Sounds – 3 Stars

For this audio assignment you had to portray an emotion through sound effects. I chose to do this assignment for my character dossier Jeffrey Davidson. The story I was trying to tell though sound effects was when his mother died. I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts what a difficult time in Jeff’s life this was and being able to bring those emotions alive was very interesting. For the assignment I used freesounds.org and audacity to make my story come alive. I used four different sounds including the flat lining of a heart monitor, silence, sobbing, and foot steps indicating someone is walking away. I used the flat lining to indicate the Jeff’s mother had passed away and I immediately after included a couple of silences to portray the shock and speechlessness he felt after his mothers passing. I then used the sobbing sound effect to indicate that Jeff has come to realization what his mother dying meant to him. I used the walking away sound effect to show that after his mother death he decided to walk away from his life in California and go elsewhere to deal with the pain of his mothers death.

3 thoughts on “Emotions Through Sounds

  1. Martha

    You know what I think would have been really effective? Including a heartbeat at the beginning right before the flatline. I think that would have made clearer what the flatline noise was. In any case, I think this is a neat story to tackle. I’d love to see you rework it at some point to make the story even clearer.


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