Make Your Own Ringtone

Make Your Own Ringtone - 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make your own ringtone using audacity. I used the intro of my three favorite songs Lost, I Lived, and How To Save a Life and cut and pasted them to make my ringtone. I wanted to make sure I did not have any words for my ringtone so I used only the first couple of seconds of the song. I used some effect elements on audacity such as fading out so as my ringtone continued to ring the volume would become less and less giving the impression of fading away. Initially I did not like how my ringtone sounded but after cutting and pasting the different sounds I enjoyed my final ringtone and downloaded it to my phone :)

One thought on “Make Your Own Ringtone

  1. Landon Epperly

    Super good job on this! I’m not sure what the first song was (sorry if I offended you by that haha) but it sounds like a great ringtone! Also, i’m big fans of OneRepublic and The Fray so of course i’m going to like it! Nice job.


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