You’re A Pinteresting Character

You’re A Pinteresting Character-2pts
This week I also had to make a Pinterest account for myself. I never thought I would enjoy this website to be honest. While I was making my boards I was thinking about how useless this website was when you could just google everything you needed now a days. But after organizing all my pins I hate to admit but Pinterest is an extremely useful website and I think will be very helpful for me in the future. So far I have 5 boards. Fitness, Drinks, Wedding, Saving Money, and Traveling. I made the traveling board for work so I could tell the agency more destination location for our clients. Fitness is something very important to me and I try to work out atleast 5 days a week so it was useful for me to learn new workout routines. I made my drinks board because even though I am currently working at the travel agency I do not want to lose touch with the art of making drinks. There are some great drink tutorials that I have never seen before that I want to try out in the future. I also made a board for saving money because my personal finances are something I have had difficulty keeping track of in the past and I want to learn how to budget and save my money. I also made a (secret) wedding board for you know the future. Who knows there may be wedding bells in it and it always good to be prepared.


5 thoughts on “You’re A Pinteresting Character

  1. Chelsea Irizarry

    Yeah I love Pintrest! It’s a great site to gather ideas for events or diy. I love that you have a board about saving money since we’re all college students and definitely need to start saving if we haven’t already.


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