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Design A License Plate

Design A License Plate-2pts

Also for House of Noir; Getaways I created a license plate. I used the website to make my design. I still have to see what my co-workers think about getting all of our license’s plates customized but I had a lot of fun making it. I am not sure it exactly meets state requirements to be a legitimate license plate but maybe we can make it a decal to put on all of the House of Noir cars. In my opinion I think it is great marketing for our company.

house of noir; getaway license plate-updated

Create Your Own Business Card

Create Your Own Business Card-2pts

For this assignment I made business cards for House of Noir; Getaways I made them on Microsoft publisher and left the title blank so I could forward them to my co-workers so they could put their names on it and have it for their convenience. Nothing makes you feel more official than having your own business card. I remember when I first moved to New York and I was looking for work my friend told me to make business cards and I wasn’t sure what to put on them because I had never had a job before coming to NY. It’s crazy how almost 3 years later I belong to a company and I am able to help so many people. Kind of amazing if you ask me.

HoN buisness card pdf-page-001

You’re A Pinteresting Character

You’re A Pinteresting Character-2pts
This week I also had to make a Pinterest account for myself. I never thought I would enjoy this website to be honest. While I was making my boards I was thinking about how useless this website was when you could just google everything you needed now a days. But after organizing all my pins I hate to admit but Pinterest is an extremely useful website and I think will be very helpful for me in the future. So far I have 5 boards. Fitness, Drinks, Wedding, Saving Money, and Traveling. I made the traveling board for work so I could tell the agency more destination location for our clients. Fitness is something very important to me and I try to work out atleast 5 days a week so it was useful for me to learn new workout routines. I made my drinks board because even though I am currently working at the travel agency I do not want to lose touch with the art of making drinks. There are some great drink tutorials that I have never seen before that I want to try out in the future. I also made a board for saving money because my personal finances are something I have had difficulty keeping track of in the past and I want to learn how to budget and save my money. I also made a (secret) wedding board for you know the future. Who knows there may be wedding bells in it and it always good to be prepared.


Character Resume

Character Resume-3pts
For this assignment I had to make a resume for myself to showcase what I had done with my life so far. I am not sure exactly if I enjoyed this assignment I think on paper it’s hard to show all your experiences and what you have learned from them. I still want to further my education and I guess making my resume made me realize how far I am from the goals I have for myself. In some instances this was kind of motivating for me because I am so far from my goals but I am excited to see what the future holds with House of Noir; Getaways. I made my resume by using a template on MS office. Super easy to do!

Jeffrey davidson-resume-updated-page-001


I was also asked to answer interview questions about myself but I was busying due to a prior engagement. I had my co-worker answer the questions on my behalf and I think she did a good job. To be noted I can’t sing so technically she is the liar.

Television Debut

I also made my television debut this weekend. Idk I went on Find a Noir Lover to find a lover and get over my ex but after going on this show I realized how much I still loved my girl and how much I wanted to get her back. We haven’t had the most conventional relationship (because she got me involved with a drug cartel) but I still love her and I am going to do everything I can to get her back. SO I guess major S/O to this show for helping me realize this. I apologize to Melody Bay for walking out of the show again. I hope she finds love !

heres the show! ENJOY

PLOT TWIST: House of Noir is back!

This week we had two options of completing 8 starts worth of video assignments or creating a trailer for a 15-30 video with a group that related to our noir characters.

I chose the second option. My radio show group House of Noir decided to get back together and work on this project with our characters. We chose to do “a day in the life of ______” type of show where we would each showcase what a day looks like for each of our characters. This would be from the perspective of our characters so we could see how they viewed the world. So I have to document Jeffrey’s life through his own eyes.

To complete my trailer I got small video clips from and and downloaded them to windows movie maker. I then trimmed the videos and so my trailer wouldn’t be too long and made all the videos black and white. I then added captions to each clip and a title page. I also muted the background music of each clip and included some background music that I found on YouTube so my trailer wouldn’t be completely silent.

Video Essay

This week we were asked to read and watch some clips that related to how to read a movie. Prior to this assignment I had no idea whatsoever about how you read a movie. The Roger Ebert article “How to read a movie” was very helpful for me. I was able to figure what the main points were in reading a movie. After jotting down a few notes I went on to watch the videos. The most helpful videos for me were the Camera Angles and techniques, the One-Point perspective, and the Top 20 Cinematic techniques. After learning more about cinematic techniques we were asked to “read” a classic noir film. The film I had chosen to analyze was Notorious. We were then asked to create a video essay in which we critically analyze the cinematic techniques of one scene in the movie of our choosing. The scene I chose was when Devlin and Alicia are en route to Rio for their assignment. I chose this scene because I was easily able to distinguish the high camera angles in the plane. I identified 3 cinematic techniques in this scene. The first on is the high camera angles that depict the aerial views outside the plane. Second was the 180 degree rule. When I was watching this scene and the party scene at Alicia’s house I could not help but notice the camera consistently focusing on each character speak even though it was a conversation between both Devlin and Alicia. After googling some terms I figured out this was called the 180 degree rule. The diagram below helped me apply it to this scene specifically.

180 degree rule.svg
180 degree rule“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

So although Alicia and Devlin faces were being focused in separately when they spoke the audience knew they were sitting together and talking and that was because of the 180 rule and the angling of the camera. The last technique I saw being used was the One-point perspective when they had almost landed in Rio and Alicia was looking outside both the airplane window.

To complete my video essay I downloaded 4k video downloader. I then used windows movie maker to trim down the file to what I needed. I only kept some of the opening credits and then the airplane scene. I then added narration to the different parts of the scene. I found it difficult to speak about all the techniques at once so I decided to split the videos every time where there was a new technique. Also I had difficulty with my narration being quieter than the background noise and the characters talking. So in places where I have added my own narration the video is silent because I want my voice to be heard clearly. I then again split the parts of the clips if I still wanted them to have the original sound of the video (where my narration was not needed basically). I then saved it to my computer and uploaded it to youtube.

Don’t ask Melody and Jeff Question’s!

Create A Warning Poster
3 Stars

For this assignment you had to create a warning poster. I made a warning poster for my character Jeffrey and Janaye’s character Melody Bay. To do so I used the noun project online to find icons and put them in PowerPoint to compose the poster. I then converted the PPT file to a jpeg file to upload to my blog.

What was fun about this assignment was that Melody’s and Jeff life experiences have been so different but that does not take away from one thing they have in common which is they do not like to be questioned about their personal lives. This idea of using Janaye’s character for my collaborative character assignment came to me when I remembered during our radio show; House of Noir Melody Bay had a break down because she received a personal question about her and her and her mothers relationship. For Jeff his relationship with his mom is something he has had difficulty opening up to people about. I thought this poster illustrated well not to ask these two about their personal lives and more importantly their mothers!

warning poster

Jeffrey makes a connection with Sara!

Sharing Credit
4 Stars

For this assignment you had to present a collaborative story via email among two people. To complete this assignment I worked alongside with Sahar and we send emails back and from our characters emails that we created for class this. My character Jeff had just posted an job ad online looking for entertainment at the bar he worked at. His manager put him up for this task of finding entertainment for the bar to test and see if Jeff is managerial material and Jeff did not want to disappoint him. Sahar’s character Sara Sparkle is a dancer from LA.Sara has been checking new job offers in NYC to leave LA and be close to her family when she ran into a Craigslist post by Jeffery for new entertainment job offering at the bar he works at. Sara immediately emailed Jeffery to apply and attached her resume. They have been communicating through emails to fill out the applications. Jeffery was very professional and responsive. Sara will be interviewed this coming week for her interview with Jeffery. Sara believes this is a life-changing event that could actually make her forget about the trouble she got in LA and the few days that she spent in Jail for a crime she didn’t actually commit. Jeffery gave her a hope that she might get the job and live with her family.

For Jeffrey hiring Sara eased up his load at work so he was very happy that he received a respond so quickly to his craigslist ad.He also is glad that is manager is pleased with Sara as entertainment in their bar. After reviewing Sara’s resume he was extremely pleased with the work experience she has and believes she will make a great addition to his team.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.08.29 PM