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Make Your Own Ringtone

Make Your Own Ringtone - 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make your own ringtone using audacity. I used the intro of my three favorite songs Lost, I Lived, and How To Save a Life and cut and pasted them to make my ringtone. I wanted to make sure I did not have any words for my ringtone so I used only the first couple of seconds of the song. I used some effect elements on audacity such as fading out so as my ringtone continued to ring the volume would become less and less giving the impression of fading away. Initially I did not like how my ringtone sounded but after cutting and pasting the different sounds I enjoyed my final ringtone and downloaded it to my phone :)

Imitate Some Weather

Imitate Some Weather - 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to imitate the sound of some kind of weather. You could use your voice and things that were within arms reach for you. I chose to do the wind and rain. For the wind sounds I made a couple of long whoosh whoosh sounds. For the rain sounds I tapped on the table desk that was working on and also on the base of laptop. I think the rain sounds were more believable than the wind sounds.

Voice-Mail Machine

Movie Voice Machines – 2 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to create a voicemail for fictional character. I chose to make a voice-mail message for my character Jeffrey Davidson. I used sound cloud to record myself. I attempted to deepen my voice to sound like man (did not do the best job) and I also tried to act as mean as possible. Instead of saying who you called I said “you should know who you are calling because you called me”.

Emotions Through Sounds

Emotions Through Sounds – 3 Stars

For this audio assignment you had to portray an emotion through sound effects. I chose to do this assignment for my character dossier Jeffrey Davidson. The story I was trying to tell though sound effects was when his mother died. I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts what a difficult time in Jeff’s life this was and being able to bring those emotions alive was very interesting. For the assignment I used and audacity to make my story come alive. I used four different sounds including the flat lining of a heart monitor, silence, sobbing, and foot steps indicating someone is walking away. I used the flat lining to indicate the Jeff’s mother had passed away and I immediately after included a couple of silences to portray the shock and speechlessness he felt after his mothers passing. I then used the sobbing sound effect to indicate that Jeff has come to realization what his mother dying meant to him. I used the walking away sound effect to show that after his mother death he decided to walk away from his life in California and go elsewhere to deal with the pain of his mothers death.

Make Em’ Laugh

Make Em’ Laugh – 1 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make a joke in another language other than your mother tongue. I decided to make a joke in Pahari the language that both my parents speak. Although I understand Pahari it is still difficult for me to speak it at times. I used audacity and to make my audio file. The joke I made was about a man who goes into and zoo and sees that all the animals are laughing but the donkey. He comes back the next day to the zoo and sees only the donkey is laughing. He asks the zookeeper why only the donkey is laughing and he says he just understood the joke. haha :D

Sound Effects Story

3 1/2 stars
For this assignment you had to create a story with nothing but sound affects and it also has to in someway relate to your character dossier.

For my character Jeffrey I tried to make a short story about how his day at his day job at the bar started. I used and audacity to help me do so.

I sounds I used included
Walking in Long Grass- Jeff on his way to work
Large Metal open and closes- Jeff walking into the bar
Light switch ON / OFF- Jeff turning on all the lights of the Bar
Glasses clinking- Jeff setting up the bar for the customers
Setting things on counter- Jeff setting up other things at the Bar
Cash register clinking- him opening the cash register to turn it on
Sweeping the floor- in preparations for customers to show up
A sign flipping- indicating that he had done the necessary things to open up and he was ready for the busy day at the bar.