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Don’t ask Melody and Jeff Question’s!

Create A Warning Poster
3 Stars

For this assignment you had to create a warning poster. I made a warning poster for my character Jeffrey and Janaye’s character Melody Bay. To do so I used the noun project online to find icons and put them in PowerPoint to compose the poster. I then converted the PPT file to a jpeg file to upload to my blog.

What was fun about this assignment was that Melody’s and Jeff life experiences have been so different but that does not take away from one thing they have in common which is they do not like to be questioned about their personal lives. This idea of using Janaye’s character for my collaborative character assignment came to me when I remembered during our radio show; House of Noir Melody Bay had a break down because she received a personal question about her and her and her mothers relationship. For Jeff his relationship with his mom is something he has had difficulty opening up to people about. I thought this poster illustrated well not to ask these two about their personal lives and more importantly their mothers!

warning poster