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This week were asked to complete 2 daily creates!

I wrote a poem about meeting a stranger.

you look like someone I’d want to know.
you’re captivating
and my eyes won’t let you go.
maybe I knew you before,
in an alternative universe.
its possible we were friends,
at some point in time.
I wonder if I said hello
would we be more than

And I also did some umbrella photography and uploaded it to flickr. This was interesting because I did not know it existed haha


So I had to complete what are called daily creates. They were fun I guess a little difficult at times because I am not very artistic but I enjoy that they switch up catergories every week to keep it interesting.

I made a motivational poster.

I made tree art

And lastly I wrote about a stranger I met.
I had just got off of work and I saw this beautiful young lady sitting outside of the restaurant. I was hesitant to say hello at first but we made eye contact and I felt obligated to say hello. I greeted her with a warm smile. She asked me how my day was going and I told her I was a little tired and had just got off of work. She was very responsive and her smile couldn’t leave her face. She asked if I was working tomorrow. I nodded my head and I cannot wait till I see her again.

Y’all keep it interesting here in #ds106


We had to complete two daily creates this week!

1.) I took a picture of something and made it blurry. This is a family picture that was on my desk and I moved my camera rapidly along with the frame to make the photo blurry.

2.) I also read aloud a poem I wrote about rain.

This is the poem I wrote

there’s something therapeutic about watching the rain drops merge together
on my window
the pattering of clinks and clicks
help time to fade away
and somehow it’s been
or maybe even hours
that I’ve been sitting here alone
watching the rain wash away
the worries of the world.

This is me reading it aloud

Daily Creates!

This week were asked to complete 3 TDC’s.

I completed Laughing aloud one where you were asked to post a video onto youtube about something that makes me laugh. I usually laugh whenever I am with my friends. So I posted a video with my friend Tiffany where we laughing about something I can’t remember. It was also funny to see what made other people LOL!

I also completed the How music changed your life prompt where you had to write a poem about how music changed your life. Music has always been something that has brought me comfort. If I am ever feeling overwhelmed I can just plug in my headphones and attempt to forget some of my problems for a while.

My heart drums

my heart drums
and sings in tune with some of the most beautiful melodies ever to be made,
and my fingers dance along
to the beat so meticulously created
for consumption.
does the heart become full after such a lovely experience
and the sound of it all, makes the world easier to deal with.
it soothes the soul
and gives me reason to continue to live

Lastly I completed the making a lesson and illustrating an how to for an activity I enjoyed. I chose to illustrate how to enjoy chipotle because it definitely something I look forward to and enjoy.

Daily Creates

I was unfortunately only able to do 2 daily creates this week.

2009-03-31 06.10.59

I was having some difficulties uploading pictures to my flickr account because my yahoo account was hacked earlier this week. So I am hoping I am able to fix that soon but I changed the hues in this picture of my father. I really like this picture of him but it was fun to make it even more dramatic.

I enjoyed this daily create very much because it was a time to be reflective about the great joys I did have in my family. It was also fun to make this presentation.

The sitcom of your life- Audio

For this daily create you had to create or remix a song that could be used for a sitcom about your life.

I used a song called London Thumakda for the movie Queen. Although this song is originally in Hindi I think it really described my life well. Briefly this song is about a young Indian girl that lives in England but is extremely attached to her cultural roots in India. Directly translated when she says London Thumakda the main character is saying London is dancing. What I interpreted from this was that when she brings her Indian culture to London she brings it in style. I think this relates to me as well because I am a Kashmiri-American and I think a lot of who I am is affected by my two cultures and in some instances I am the best of both worlds and this song illustrates that cultural mixing very well and it also a bopping tune! To remix the tune I used the fade-in and echo technique. Enjoy!

How to put on earrings!

How to put on earrings
Step 1: make sure you have both or one of your ears pierced
Step 2: pick out some earrings to wear.
Step 3: remove earring back from the earring
Step 4: insert earring into the piercing.
Step 5: place earring back onto the earring.
Step 6: repeat step 4 and 5 for the other ear
And voilà you’re done, you put on earrings. :)