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Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along

I listened to the Noir Buzz on thursday night. Bonds mentioned that this will be a unique show in that there are only two members in this group which I can only imagine had advantages and challenges of its own. I enjoyed the bumpers and commercials in the show. I also enjoyed the upbeat music they included in their show. Initially it was a little difficult to understand what the show was trying to convey but towards the end I figured that this show was about the actress Sara Sparkle advertising her upcoming movie. Sara sparkle is the character created by Sahar. Last week I had the chance to work with Sahar on the collaborative character project with both of our character. Taking the background information I could remember from last week her show made better sense to me.

My advice to this group would be solidifying the kind of radio show you are attempting to create. For example my radio show house of noir was an advice show where callers could call in and ask for help with their problems. For me personally I was unable to find the theme behind the Noir Buzz. From the details that I could put together the radio show was the platform for famous people to come and speak about their upcoming projects. (which I think is a great idea) but for me personally that was not made clear in the beginning. Also I would recommend putting some more background information about your character so it easier for the listeners who are not familiar with your character! But overall I enjoyed listening to the Noir Buzz, nice job!!


Final Radio Show Reflection; House of Noir

This radio show project has probably of the most unique group project projects I have worked on. It was different in that there were so many different elements that were coming together to make the radio show possible. Each one of my group members had a unique character and trying to find a base where we could all connect our characters and ideas was difficult but I think overall we did a very good job of conveying our message. I was unfortunately unable to listen to our radio show live but when I browsed back at tweets from that night people really enjoyed our show. One thing that some of my classmates brought up was that the sounds on the radio show was not high enough so that was something we could have worked on to ensure that everyone could hear the show well.

Something I would improve about my part on the show was maybe including more depth about my character. I think in Jeffrey’s part I could have included more detail and even one more caller from his past that would even further his character development for people to better understand his story. What I enjoyed most about this project was the opportunity to bring my character alive. We have been working on our characters since Week 2 of ds106 and finally seeing how far I have come in the creative process about my character is amazing to me. I think the hardest part of this project for me was getting started. I had an overall idea of what I wanted my character to contribute to this project but not knowing where to start made it difficult to get the process started. Some advice that I would future ds106 students is to PLAN IN ADVANCE. This is not a project that can be completed in one day and the more time you give yourself to work on the better it will turn out. Also meet with you group as much as possible. It can sometimes be difficult with everyone’s schedule but the more face time you get with your group collaborating the better and consistent your radio show is!

Radio Show Progress; House of Noir

We finished our radio show!!! (yay)

Initially it was a little difficult to find a time that worked for everyone to meet in our group so we could discuss our plans for the show but we were finally able to figure everything out and I am very pleased with our final product. We created a facebook group and a google docs to put all of our notes and ideas together. House of Noir is an advice radio show where people call in to ask for advice. Each person in our group made a segment according to their character dossier and then we came together and collaborated all of our work. Janelle and Rhiannon both had characters whom fell under the Jerk with a Heart of Gold prototype so it was interesting to see how even though all 3 of us based our character on the same idea how different they were and that was reflective in our different segment. Janayes piece with the mystery women was also fun to hear about because she was so different than the rest of the characters but Melody Bay was a great addition to our show.

For me personally I used audacity to record my part of the show. I had my roommate read the lines for the caller and I made my pitch lower for when Jeff was speaking. I originally wanted one of my friends to say the lines for Jeff but because of the snow day on Thursday he could not make it to campus but thankfully I was able to alter my voice on audacity to make it deeper.

Radio Show; House of Noir

So this week we created our radio show, House of Noir! My group includes Janaye, Janelle, Rhiannon and myself. To make communicating easier we made a Facebook group to share all of our ideas. Our radio show is a advice talk show. Where people call in and ask for advice. We are incorporating our character dossiers into our radio show by having them be the one that people call into at the studio for advice. Janelle, Rhiannon and and my characters are the prototype of the jerk with the heart of gold while Janayes character is a femme fatale prototype. Along with the radio hosts we are also going to have the callers that ring in for advice. What I had in mind as far as the calls we got were something along the line of a girl who just went on a date with a jerk with a heart of gold and she doesn’t know how to interrupt some of his actions. Then one of our characters could answer and explain why the jerk would act like this in the first place. We have also formed a google doc to help us to collaborate our ideas easier. I am excited to see where our radio show goes next week and to see our final product!

House of Noir Logo


This is the logo I made for our radio show, House of Noir. The other members of my group included people in their logos and I wanted to do something simple and to the point. So I got searched house on google and copied it to paint and added OF NOIR to the bottom. At first I was fearful that someone would call it home of noir but after showing a couple around me they said when they saw the logo they thought “house” not *home* of noir so *phew* I am glad the message got to people.