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I also had to comment on peoples stuff in this class….I mean it was fun finding blogs of people I already knew I guess. But whatevs

This man is doing the lords work because so many people don’t know how to pour a beer!

Drawing isn’t my strength either so I applaud his effort.

This is some dope tree art.

Clue is one of fav board games too #twins

Another great batman drawing

Cool I found my co-workers sara sparkels blog! Shes supa cool

I found Jack spence;s blog too! Super cool guy and he has lots of $$$

This was cool finger print art

This person put a lot of thought into this assignment nice job!

I think melody may still be a little upset from our encounter during the show. She’s a nice women though I hope she finds love

Inspired # 1

I like how to the point this poster is. I was unable to find the original post but I am assuming it was an assignment from the assignment bank. I also like that it still states happy Valentine ’s Day but takes the pressure away of making big commitments and things on valentine’s day. It promotes the idea of just caring for another person without other pressure.
This inspired me to look at other traditions and celebrations we have and what a great pressure we may put onto ourselves and others to make it perfect or for it be in a particular way. We should just celebrate ourselves and the other great people we have in our lives as much as we can unconditionally without other ties.

Inspired #2

I liked this activity because the author put a personal touch to the show. They uploaded what they thought was important and relevant to the show.
This was inspiring because this person was able to share their outside interest and incorporate it into their ds106 assignments. Looking at the original post it seems like they put a lot of work into this trailer and did a very good job! Also I am huge fan of the office and I think this did a great job summarizing the show.

Inspired #4

This was an inspiring daily create to me because it is totally relatable. And for the longest time I thought it was just my computer or even just me because I was new to some of the applications we used in the class. It is nice to know you are not the only struggling with this. So thank you for this!

Inspired #3

I thought this person did a really good job explaining the plot of the movie. I have seen this movie (actually one my favorites) and it is not easy to summarize a movie in 5 seconds. This post was inspiring because the student admits that initially they believed this was going to be easy but after working on it they ran into some challenges. And I appreciate the honesty. From what I learned in this class at the surface something’s can seem to be very easy but once you start working it at it can present a challenge. They obviously worked through the challenges and created a great video!


Comment 1 I liked the fear trailer daily create because I shared almost all the same fears.

Comment 2 I like that this person used the noircat concept in space!

Comment 3 I really liked the ideas this person had about their space craft

Comment 4 I liked how this daily created looked with all the changes to the color hues.

Comment 5 I thought this was a fun emoji story.


Comment 7 I loved that the professors were taking over UMW>

Comment 8 I enjoyed this daily create, it was very (creative)

Comment 9 I would totally purchase a fruit roll up heel!

Comment 10 I thought this was a cute emoji story.

Audio Reflection-DS106 Radio-Twitter

For the listening part of understanding audio storytelling I tuned into the ds106 radio on Thursday night. We listened to two pieces, in which one was an older story and one was a newer story. When I tuned in I was a little anxious because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything and got the whole picture. Everything was surprisingly easy to understand and I enjoyed live tweeting with my classmates. I also was happy to see how easily I was starting to recognize noir concepts in story. For explain in the Kitty and Swede piece I was able to recognize the forbidden love aspect and the noir cat theme in the name kitty. Also in the Neil Armstrong piece the sound effects of the two astronauts landing on the moon was so vivid that I truly felt that I could feel and hear what they were hearing.

Radio Show Ideas

One concept I have used for my character dossier is the Jerk with the heart of Gold concept that is conceptualized in Noir film. For a radio idea I was thinking maybe having a real Jerk with a heart gold on the show and people could call in and share experiences they have had with a jerk. And the real life jerk could explain why something like this happened to them. I think also in the show men who are often are characters as jerks could have the opportunity to explain themselves anonymously as to why they act the way they do. I am not sure about the specifics of how this would work and if I want to focus on only one aspect of the concept noir or if I want to look into concepts as well. I really have no idea where to go with this but I will continue to think about what I want to do for the radio show and hopefully I am able to come up with a more concrete idea.