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This week again were asked to comment on 10 of our classmates posts!

Comment 1: I thought this was a great review about the god-father from the characters perspective.
Comment 2: This person did a very good job incorporating other characters from the class into their assignment.
Comment 3: It was interesting to read how students in ds106 are constantly inspiring one another!
Comment 4:I thought this funny and the video effects made it all the better.
Comment 5:This was a delicious looking cupcake.
Comment 6:I thought it was interesting that this person used historical events and tried to visualize how they would affect their characters life at the time.
Comment 7:I thought this was interesting because this was a business card for people who thought their spouses were cheating on them and it got me thinking about our radio show that actually helps people with same ordeal as well.
Comment 8:This was very well done and it was seemed like a very realistic phone call.
Comment 9: This is very professional looking resume and I liked how the other characters from the class were incorporated into the resume.
Comment 10: Sahar’s daily create definitely made me LOL!