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Weekly Summary; Week 13

Lets just say this has been a crazy journey finding NoirCat but he is home atleast with his rightful owner Maggie. Here is a story map of NoirCat’s journey with House of Noir Getaways and beyond. LINK

Also here are my two updates for this week

During my time at House of Noir Getaways I have not had the pleasure of working with so many great agents at once but I think working as team on this project really made our jobs easier and less stressful (at times). I think the only reason we were able to get NoirCat safely back home to his Maggie was because of our team work. So another major shoutout to Sebastian Crane, Melody Bay, and Jack Spence and love live House of Noir.

During my investigation this week I believe I did a better job at narrating my process via twitter and coordinating with other members of the world-wide web of my agency’s accomplishments.

It was difficult at times piecing together evidence piece by piece and remembering to stay patient through out it all but I was grateful for a great community of people who helped me through this week. I must say I have become more and more comfortable using this blog as a place holder for Mariam while she is gone.

My weekly summary is short and sweet this week but I have enjoyed me time in #ds106 and this project has been the most collaboration I have done in a while and I am excited to see what else is in store for me in the upcoming two weeks. Stay blessed FAM.

Week 12; Weekly Summary

This week we received our assignment!! Our task is to find the NoirCat that has gone missing. At first I was a little lost as to why our agency was assigned to find NoirCat when our agency helps people disappear! But upon further investigation and evidence it was event how much our client needed help finding NoirCat.

My job in HoN is to make sure people’s business on the home front is taken care but this is first time I am investigation a disappears it should be interesting.

After reviewing the evidence my team decided that our main outlet of media would be video to find the NoirCat. I logged onto HoN tumblr to find some popular destinations for NoirCat. The investigation is still pending and the group and I are meeting next Tuesday to discuss more details about our assignment but for this week we ventured out on our own and did our own investigations.

Here are my two updates for this week

Stay tuned as next week HoN investigates this odd case and tries to bring the NoirCat home.

Weekly Summary; Week 11

This was a rather hectic week second week for me in #ds106. This week we have to establish our agency House of Noir; Getaways. My group met this week to discuss the basics of our new organization. I was unfortunately unable to make it to the meeting because of work but my groupmates brought me up to speed about what we needed to get complete this week.

We composed a google doc to put all of our work together in one place. This is what we got started/finished this week.

Agency email:
Agency Website: (for our website we had to create a scenario and profile for ourselves)
Twitter: @HoN_Getaways
Facebook Group:

We divided up the responsibilities for each individual social media. My job was to work on our tumblr blog. After editing the theme I started to reblog possible destination for our clients. I also reblogged some texts that were relevant to our agency. I also tagged the posts with specific tags such as “escape” “destinations” and “text” to make the blog more organized and easier to find specific things. I am hoping in the future to reblog some of our clients experiences they have had with our agency so we can get the word out of what an amazing company we are.

Also this week along with the assignments we had to complete I found myself creating a broader virtual version of myself. Before participating in this class I did not have a facebook or twitter because social media was not very much my scene but this class is forcing me open myself up to the world and I am excited to interact with others on the worldwide web!

I also completed 4 assignments this week.
These were all interesting and some were challenging for me personally. I was glad I had to opportunity to complete some assignments that would benefit HoN.

I also completed 2 TDC

and 10 comments!

All in all I was glad we were able to lay the groundwork for our agency this week. I think there is still a long way to go but I love the overall idea and I am existed to see where HoN heads next. :) Til next time FAM!

Weekly Summary; Week 10

Well this was my first week taking over Mariams blog and I must say I have enjoyed myself. I have never taken a class like this before. It is interactive despite being online and it really gives you a chance to work creatively along so many people!

So lets see what I completed this week!

This week I made a TV Debut which was interesting because I thought I was over my ex BUT LOL guess not.

I also had to complete an interview this week. I was unable to be present for it but I think my co-worker did a great job answering the questions on my behalf. THX Patricia.

I completed 3 daily creates. Which was probably my favorite part of the week!

I also commented on people’s stuff. I am amazed by the thought and effort some of my fellow classmates continue to put into this class! Nice job FAM!

Lastly my group and I made the choice to stay together as a group. Love live house of noir!

Overall I have enjoyed my first week in ds106!! I am excited to see what I learn from this class in the coming weeks. I have been informed by this blogs owner Mariam I need to get better with the twittering so hopefully I get better at it next week. Till then FAM!

Weekly Summary; Week 9

It was a busy week in ds106!

This week we were asked to live tweet a radio show and blog about what we thought about it. I listened to the Noir Buzz. I enjoyed live tweeting because it gave me a opportunity to view the work of my classmates and give any feedback I had to them.

We also had to complete a final radio show reflection. House of Noir was a big part of this class and seeing all the hard work my group mates and I put into our radio show it was nice to see that people enjoyed our show. I have mentioned this is in my previous reflection posts but this may have been one of the most productive group project I have been in. So a major shout out to my group because you guys are just awesome!

We also had to create our own video essay from a list of movies provided to us. I chose the movie notorious. When I first read that we had to complete this assignment I was a little freaked out because I absolutely knew nothing about how to read movie. But thankfully we were provided some great resources and I have a better understanding of the content. I also thought the composing the video would be difficult for me but once I downloaded windows movie maker everything was pretty clear and easy to follow. Considering the fact that the film noir isn’t my favorite type of movie genre I still found Notorious a very interesting and engaging movie.

This week we had the option of expanding on our radio show and starting to create a video project that related to our characters. So House of Noir is back! This week we were asked to create a trailer about our video. My group (the same as the radio show) decided we wanted to depict the lives of our characters through their own eyes. I think individually we have some ideas that we want to portray for our characters but we still need to come together and decide how we want to combine all of our ideas for the video. Thankfully we have the next week for our video as well. I am excited to see where we go with our video! LONG LIVE HOUSE OF NOIR

I also completed two daily creates this week.

I also created a category on my blog for my character Jeffrey Davidson. I think this will be very helpful for me because I have so much content about my character and having it all in one place is very convenient. Also I this is helpful for my classmates because we have been collaborating a lot lately and if they ever need more information about my character it is readily available for them.

Overall this week was different but still exciting. I was a lot scared initially when I saw we have to make a video essay because I had never worked with anything like that before. But I think I understand the concepts much better now and am more confident in my abilities to “read” a movie. I am also excited to see where our video for the continuation of our radio show; House of Noir will go! I know I have a lot of ideas and I am excited to get started working on it with my group. :)

Weekly Summary; Week 8

This week was a little hectic just because it was the first week after spring break and adjusting to being a college student again can be a little difficult. I did not give myself enough time this week to balance out all my work. I unfortunately missed the many chances I was given to live tweet a radio show. I was under the impression that radio show’s would be live on Friday’s as well but I realized too late that the last radio show airing was Thursday. Next week I am hoping to get back on track with the rest of the class and tweet along with radio shows!

This week were asked to complete collaborative character projects from the assignment bank worth up to 10 stars. I worked with Sahar and her character Sara Sparkle. I completed two assignments;Sharing Credit and 1 story / 4 Icons collaborating both of your characters.
I also collaborated with Janaye’s character Melody Bay. I completed a warning poster I worked with Janaye on our radio show; House of Noir. It was interesting to focus on just our two characters and although they were different it was fun to see what they had in common.
Overall it was fun collaborating with others in class because these assignments really brought Jeffrey to live and helped his character development!

This week we also had to comment on four posts from the website that we found inspriring. I enjoyed this assignment very much. It was fun to look back at the work students in ds106 had completed in the past and what they found interesting. They definitely inspired me to continue to create for this class!

We were also asked to complete 3 daily creates this week. I continue to enjoy these assignments throughout the semester very much. It is fun to work on something non noir106 related every once in a while!

We were also asked to comment on 10 posts again this week. I have continued to enjoy giving and receiving feedback on my work.

Overall this was a bit of a hectic week and I am hoping to get back onto track with this class next week. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the coming weeks. :)

Weekly Summary; Week 7

This week was a little less hectic in ds106 compared to the last couple of weeks but it was still interesting. We finally finished our radio show; House of Noir. I really enjoyed the working in the group that I was in. We were a fun group but we also knew when it was time to get down to business and get our work done. Probably the smoothest group project for me so far in college.

This week we also had to comment on 10 peoples posts. I think this really forced me to get out of my comfort zone and interact with my classmates online. I have enjoyed reading the comments and feedback I have received from the people in ds106 on my posts. I also hope that my comments and input on other peoples post has been helpful. I think I am more comfortable with commentning on peoples posts know.

I was happy that daily creates were back this week. I enjoyed them.

Overall this was a simple and straightforward week in ds106. I am excited to hear other peoples radio shows when we return from spring break and I hope people enjoy House of Noir as well. In the mean time I am going to catch up on some sleep. I hope everyone has a great spring break!

Weekly Summary; Week 6

A hectic but exciting week in ds106!

We finally made our radio show; House of Noir
Radio Show Week 1

For my audio assignments I got to use my newly acquired audacity skills. For my character Jeffrey Davidson I had a voice-mail and portrayed an emotions through sounds. I enjoyed these two assignments about my character. It was a chance for my to bring my character to life via audio. I always have had an idea in my head of want I thought Jeffrey would sound like in my head but getting a chance to act it out really help my connect to my character.

The other audio assignments I did were 1, 2, 3
My favorite assignment was the Make Em’ Laugh one. I got the chance to practice my other language Pahari. I love assignments that allow me to incorporate other aspects of my life to ds106!

Lastly this week I live tweeted the ds106 radio on Thursday. Live tweeting is one of my favorite things to do for class. Its a chance to enjoy a great story with your classmates and see how everyone else is understanding the story.

Comments: Comment 1, Comment 2, Comment 3, Comment 4, Comment 5, Comment 6, Comment 7, Comment 8, Comment 9, Comment 10

Overall I enjoyed this week. My group and I set the ground work for our radio show and I am excited to see how where that leads us. I think this week also gave me the opportunity to work on my audacity skills and I think I have finally got the hang of using that application. I also got more comfortable this week commenting on peoples post (something I have struggled with in the past). Bring on week 7 !!! :)

Weekly Summary; Week 4

This week our focus was everything audio. When I first watched the introduction video I realized what a difficult week this was going to be for me. Mostly because audio is something I have never really worked with, but I guess there is always a time to learn. The first thing I did this was week was download audacity and started to play around with the application. I was overwhelmed at first because the application has a lot going on and it is hard to isolate what exactly one needs to complete and assignment. For my writing assignments, my radio bumper, and a daily create I used the Audacity application.
When completing the radio bumper the biggest challenge I faced initially was trying to get my voice and the background music to play at the same time. I was not sure where I was importing music from or how to record my voice. After looking a couple of different youtube videos I saw how easy it was to have my voice play over the background music.
For the Sound effects story assignment a challenged I face with audacity was getting each sound effect to play after each other. I was able to add new sounds but they kept playing after one another. Again after a quick YouTube search I was able to learn how to do that as well (yay)
My two audio assigments (1/ 2) I used audacity as well but it was easier for me to maneuver around the application because I had much more experience using it.

For my daily creates I complete an audio and visual assignment. I enjoyed the audio assignment because it really got me thinking about how I would explain my in a song. I realized that not many American songs (although great) really did not capture me as a person. I was able to find a great Indian song that I think in my opinion really encompasses who I am and the two different diverse cultures I belong to.

My favorite assignment this week was live tweeting ds106radio stories with my classmates and professors. It was interactive and really helped me apply all the different noir themes in non visual setting. The reading and watching assignments also were also another great resource in furthering my understand of audio story telling. Watching two clips of the same scene with different audio components helped me to see the impact different background noises can have on story telling and the impact audio has on story telling in general.

I struggled with coming with an idea for my radio show assignment . I have an overall idea about what I want to work on but I just couldnt come up with the logistics of how to make it happen. I want to continue to work on it and hopefully have a clearer picture of what I want my radio show idea to be.

Overall this was week went much differently than I thought it would. I definitely was nervous venturing into new territory but I am really proud of myself for figuring my way around audacity and not being discouraged just because something is new to me. I feel like I say this every week but this really was a enjoyable week for me and I can not wait to see what comes next. Also I need to work on budgeting my time better and not leaving everything to do for the weekend. I think I would enjoy these assignments more if I gave myself more time.


Weekly Summary; Week 3

Our focus for this week was how to use visual elements to tell our stories. So far this has been my favorite week. I enjoy photography and learning how to incorporate some of the elements we learned this week to better my own photography was a great learning experience. Something I enjoyed the most about this week was that I was able to include Kashmir into some of my posts. I think I have at some point mentioned I was born in Kashmir and being able to incorporate that into my school work is so great. I feel like I am finally learning how to personalize what I do for this class so it matches up to my interests and I am really enjoying what I am working on.
Weekly Creates- Like last week I really enjoyed these activities. It’s a chance to work creatively on something that doesn’t relate to noir. I always look forward working on these.

Visual Assignments- My first two visual assignments were about Jeffrey Davidson! It was fun to expand on his character in a more practical day to day sense. Brainstorming would be in his bag and what kind of to do lists he would make is really helping me bring his character to life. I am excited to see what other activities we will be doing for our characters. My 3rd assignment was the word cloud. For this activity I used an online website and inserted my tumblr URL to see what would come out. It turns out this cloud explain me very well. For my 4th assignment I drew out my last Kashmir trip. This was probably one of my favorite assignments so far. It was nice reminiscing such a fun time. So thank you ds106 for giving me a platform to do so! :)

Noir Cinematography- Watching films that followed the concept of noir was something different for me. I don’t think I would ever watch these movies in my free time but they were interesting to watch.

Photo Safari- For my photo safari I headed downtown with my iphone and noir filter and was able to get some great shots while enjoying a nice meal!

Visuals of Storytelling- It was nice reflecting on my own photography and finding ways to improve it.

Overall this was a great week and I really enjoyed myself! Can’t wait to see whats next.