The House of Noir Getaway agents were finally able to meet yesterday! (about damn time)

We discussed many different things but the most significant we encounter was the NoirCat was actually one of our clients from before and he hit me up couple of weeks ago looking for some help and trying to get away from Maggie. I am not sure why he completely slipped my mind but we recovered the email he sent to my email and also his original case file.
house of noir getaway email

We found out that our agency had send NoirCat and his handler to Belize to get away from Maggie. After looking into the address his handler, Monica claimed they both were located we found out that in fact NoirCat was no longer in Belize and had run away. We gave Monica a call to find out the whereabouts of NoirCat. The phone call was not pleasant at times but found out that NoirCat is in Finland “healing” other animals.
Here is the audio of the phone call:

Next we will be traveling to Finland to retrieve NoirCat and being him safey. Hopefully this is the last update we will have regarding NoirCat becuase we will have found him by this time tommorow.

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