Soooo?? Here we are again I guess??

Unfortuantely after we traveled to Finland we discovered that NoirCat was no longer there. We found an exchange between NoirCat and Groom’s dog tipping him off that we are on our way to find him and he needs to run.

And that is exactly what he did. Although fortunately we were able to find out through one of the many animals that NoirCat had healed in his time in Finland where he had runway too. His friends indicated that he was in Golden Coast of Australia. Here are some of the animals that NoirCat helped heal.
cats NoirCat has healed

We also put out a warning poster for Monica in case she tries to help any other cats escape, we also fired her from out company because she had one job and that was to not to lose the damn cat and she did. monica wanted poster

WELL! It has been a hectic couple of days but we have finally found NoirCat. It’s time to take a mini vacation. I’ll see you soon FAM.

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