You’re A Pinteresting Character

You’re A Pinteresting Character-2pts
This week I also had to make a Pinterest account for myself. I never thought I would enjoy this website to be honest. While I was making my boards I was thinking about how useless this website was when you could just google everything you needed now a days. But after organizing all my pins I hate to admit but Pinterest is an extremely useful website and I think will be very helpful for me in the future. So far I have 5 boards. Fitness, Drinks, Wedding, Saving Money, and Traveling. I made the traveling board for work so I could tell the agency more destination location for our clients. Fitness is something very important to me and I try to work out atleast 5 days a week so it was useful for me to learn new workout routines. I made my drinks board because even though I am currently working at the travel agency I do not want to lose touch with the art of making drinks. There are some great drink tutorials that I have never seen before that I want to try out in the future. I also made a board for saving money because my personal finances are something I have had difficulty keeping track of in the past and I want to learn how to budget and save my money. I also made a (secret) wedding board for you know the future. Who knows there may be wedding bells in it and it always good to be prepared.


Character Resume

Character Resume-3pts
For this assignment I had to make a resume for myself to showcase what I had done with my life so far. I am not sure exactly if I enjoyed this assignment I think on paper it’s hard to show all your experiences and what you have learned from them. I still want to further my education and I guess making my resume made me realize how far I am from the goals I have for myself. In some instances this was kind of motivating for me because I am so far from my goals but I am excited to see what the future holds with House of Noir; Getaways. I made my resume by using a template on MS office. Super easy to do!

Jeffrey davidson-resume-updated-page-001


This week were asked to complete 2 daily creates!

I wrote a poem about meeting a stranger.

you look like someone I’d want to know.
you’re captivating
and my eyes won’t let you go.
maybe I knew you before,
in an alternative universe.
its possible we were friends,
at some point in time.
I wonder if I said hello
would we be more than

And I also did some umbrella photography and uploaded it to flickr. This was interesting because I did not know it existed haha

Weekly Summary; Week 10

Well this was my first week taking over Mariams blog and I must say I have enjoyed myself. I have never taken a class like this before. It is interactive despite being online and it really gives you a chance to work creatively along so many people!

So lets see what I completed this week!

This week I made a TV Debut which was interesting because I thought I was over my ex BUT LOL guess not.

I also had to complete an interview this week. I was unable to be present for it but I think my co-worker did a great job answering the questions on my behalf. THX Patricia.

I completed 3 daily creates. Which was probably my favorite part of the week!

I also commented on people’s stuff. I am amazed by the thought and effort some of my fellow classmates continue to put into this class! Nice job FAM!

Lastly my group and I made the choice to stay together as a group. Love live house of noir!

Overall I have enjoyed my first week in ds106!! I am excited to see what I learn from this class in the coming weeks. I have been informed by this blogs owner Mariam I need to get better with the twittering so hopefully I get better at it next week. Till then FAM!


I was also asked to answer interview questions about myself but I was busying due to a prior engagement. I had my co-worker answer the questions on my behalf and I think she did a good job. To be noted I can’t sing so technically she is the liar.


VIVA HOUSE OF NOIR. We have decided to stay together and work as a team on our final project. I think although coordinating time schedules with other people can be difficult at times I have enjoyed working in this group throughout this semester. Everyone in the group brings something unique to the table and I would love to see that carry on during the rest of my time in #ds106.

Television Debut

I also made my television debut this weekend. Idk I went on Find a Noir Lover to find a lover and get over my ex but after going on this show I realized how much I still loved my girl and how much I wanted to get her back. We haven’t had the most conventional relationship (because she got me involved with a drug cartel) but I still love her and I am going to do everything I can to get her back. SO I guess major S/O to this show for helping me realize this. I apologize to Melody Bay for walking out of the show again. I hope she finds love !

heres the show! ENJOY


I also had to comment on peoples stuff in this class….I mean it was fun finding blogs of people I already knew I guess. But whatevs

This man is doing the lords work because so many people don’t know how to pour a beer!

Drawing isn’t my strength either so I applaud his effort.

This is some dope tree art.

Clue is one of fav board games too #twins

Another great batman drawing

Cool I found my co-workers sara sparkels blog! Shes supa cool

I found Jack spence;s blog too! Super cool guy and he has lots of $$$

This was cool finger print art

This person put a lot of thought into this assignment nice job!

I think melody may still be a little upset from our encounter during the show. She’s a nice women though I hope she finds love


So I had to complete what are called daily creates. They were fun I guess a little difficult at times because I am not very artistic but I enjoy that they switch up catergories every week to keep it interesting.

I made a motivational poster.

I made tree art

And lastly I wrote about a stranger I met.
I had just got off of work and I saw this beautiful young lady sitting outside of the restaurant. I was hesitant to say hello at first but we made eye contact and I felt obligated to say hello. I greeted her with a warm smile. She asked me how my day was going and I told her I was a little tired and had just got off of work. She was very responsive and her smile couldn’t leave her face. She asked if I was working tomorrow. I nodded my head and I cannot wait till I see her again.

Y’all keep it interesting here in #ds106