House of Noir Logo


This is the logo I made for our radio show, House of Noir. The other members of my group included people in their logos and I wanted to do something simple and to the point. So I got searched house on google and copied it to paint and added OF NOIR to the bottom. At first I was fearful that someone would call it home of noir but after showing a couple around me they said when they saw the logo they thought “house” not *home* of noir so *phew* I am glad the message got to people.

4 thoughts on “House of Noir Logo

  1. Leanna Epps

    oooh i like the concept! i think it would be nice if the ‘of noir’ bit took up more space or was centered in the doorway at least. like maybe if you had the word noir larger to fill up the door, not just floating freely in the doorway to make it a bit stronger and more striking


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