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Design A License Plate

Design A License Plate-2pts

Also for House of Noir; Getaways I created a license plate. I used the website buildasign.com to make my design. I still have to see what my co-workers think about getting all of our license’s plates customized but I had a lot of fun making it. I am not sure it exactly meets state requirements to be a legitimate license plate but maybe we can make it a decal to put on all of the House of Noir cars. In my opinion I think it is great marketing for our company.

house of noir; getaway license plate-updated

Create Your Own Business Card

Create Your Own Business Card-2pts

For this assignment I made business cards for House of Noir; Getaways I made them on Microsoft publisher and left the title blank so I could forward them to my co-workers so they could put their names on it and have it for their convenience. Nothing makes you feel more official than having your own business card. I remember when I first moved to New York and I was looking for work my friend told me to make business cards and I wasn’t sure what to put on them because I had never had a job before coming to NY. It’s crazy how almost 3 years later I belong to a company and I am able to help so many people. Kind of amazing if you ask me.

HoN buisness card pdf-page-001

Jeff’s and Sara’s Story~

One Story / Four Icons
2 1/2 Stars

For this assignment you had to make a story about using four icons. I made this design project collaborative by illustrating Jeff’s story in icons and also Sahar’s character Sara! To make their story I used the Noun Project online to find icons. I then used PowerPoint to make the stories then I exported the PPT file to jpeg to upload onto my blog.

My favorite part about this assignment was to visually see the parallels between Jeff’s and Sara’s story. In some instances they both have similar stories but reversed. Jeff came to New York to get away from the family drama he faced in LA and Sara came to New York to be reunited with her family and her son. Jeff went to NY to get away from his sadness and in NY is where Sara is finding her happiness with her son. Jeff in essence gave Sara the opportunity to be with her family by giving her job at the Bar.

The first line is Jeff’s story
The second line is Sara’s story

jeffrey davis icon story