Week 12; Weekly Summary

This week we received our assignment!! Our task is to find the NoirCat that has gone missing. At first I was a little lost as to why our agency was assigned to find NoirCat when our agency helps people disappear! But upon further investigation and evidence it was event how much our client needed help finding NoirCat.

My job in HoN is to make sure people’s business on the home front is taken care but this is first time I am investigation a disappears it should be interesting.

After reviewing the evidence my team decided that our main outlet of media would be video to find the NoirCat. I logged onto HoN tumblr to find some popular destinations for NoirCat. The investigation is still pending and the group and I are meeting next Tuesday to discuss more details about our assignment but for this week we ventured out on our own and did our own investigations.

Here are my two updates for this week

Stay tuned as next week HoN investigates this odd case and tries to bring the NoirCat home.

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