Weekly Summary; Week 11

This was a rather hectic week second week for me in #ds106. This week we have to establish our agency House of Noir; Getaways. My group met this week to discuss the basics of our new organization. I was unfortunately unable to make it to the meeting because of work but my groupmates brought me up to speed about what we needed to get complete this week.

We composed a google doc to put all of our work together in one place. This is what we got started/finished this week.

Agency email: houseofnoirgetaways@gmail.com
Agency Website: http://houseofnoirgetaways.weebly.com/ (for our website we had to create a scenario and profile for ourselves)
Twitter: @HoN_Getaways
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2008498719291269/
Tumblr/Blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/houseofnoir106

We divided up the responsibilities for each individual social media. My job was to work on our tumblr blog. After editing the theme I started to reblog possible destination for our clients. I also reblogged some texts that were relevant to our agency. I also tagged the posts with specific tags such as “escape” “destinations” and “text” to make the blog more organized and easier to find specific things. I am hoping in the future to reblog some of our clients experiences they have had with our agency so we can get the word out of what an amazing company we are.

Also this week along with the assignments we had to complete I found myself creating a broader virtual version of myself. Before participating in this class I did not have a facebook or twitter because social media was not very much my scene but this class is forcing me open myself up to the world and I am excited to interact with others on the worldwide web!

I also completed 4 assignments this week.
These were all interesting and some were challenging for me personally. I was glad I had to opportunity to complete some assignments that would benefit HoN.

I also completed 2 TDC

and 10 comments!

All in all I was glad we were able to lay the groundwork for our agency this week. I think there is still a long way to go but I love the overall idea and I am existed to see where HoN heads next. :) Til next time FAM!

One thought on “Weekly Summary; Week 11

  1. Martha

    I love you House of Noir Getaways is divying up assignments and working as a team. This bodes well for your upcoming investigation!


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