Weekly Summary; Week 13

Lets just say this has been a crazy journey finding NoirCat but he is home atleast with his rightful owner Maggie. Here is a story map of NoirCat’s journey with House of Noir Getaways and beyond. LINK

Also here are my two updates for this week

During my time at House of Noir Getaways I have not had the pleasure of working with so many great agents at once but I think working as team on this project really made our jobs easier and less stressful (at times). I think the only reason we were able to get NoirCat safely back home to his Maggie was because of our team work. So another major shoutout to Sebastian Crane, Melody Bay, and Jack Spence and love live House of Noir.

During my investigation this week I believe I did a better job at narrating my process via twitter and coordinating with other members of the world-wide web of my agency’s accomplishments.

It was difficult at times piecing together evidence piece by piece and remembering to stay patient through out it all but I was grateful for a great community of people who helped me through this week. I must say I have become more and more comfortable using this blog as a place holder for Mariam while she is gone.

My weekly summary is short and sweet this week but I have enjoyed me time in #ds106 and this project has been the most collaboration I have done in a while and I am excited to see what else is in store for me in the upcoming two weeks. Stay blessed FAM.

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