Weekly Summary; Week 13

Lets just say this has been a crazy journey finding NoirCat but he is home atleast with his rightful owner Maggie. Here is a story map of NoirCat’s journey with House of Noir Getaways and beyond. LINK

Also here are my two updates for this week

During my time at House of Noir Getaways I have not had the pleasure of working with so many great agents at once but I think working as team on this project really made our jobs easier and less stressful (at times). I think the only reason we were able to get NoirCat safely back home to his Maggie was because of our team work. So another major shoutout to Sebastian Crane, Melody Bay, and Jack Spence and love live House of Noir.

During my investigation this week I believe I did a better job at narrating my process via twitter and coordinating with other members of the world-wide web of my agency’s accomplishments.

It was difficult at times piecing together evidence piece by piece and remembering to stay patient through out it all but I was grateful for a great community of people who helped me through this week. I must say I have become more and more comfortable using this blog as a place holder for Mariam while she is gone.

My weekly summary is short and sweet this week but I have enjoyed me time in #ds106 and this project has been the most collaboration I have done in a while and I am excited to see what else is in store for me in the upcoming two weeks. Stay blessed FAM.


Soooo?? Here we are again I guess??

Unfortuantely after we traveled to Finland we discovered that NoirCat was no longer there. We found an exchange between NoirCat and Groom’s dog tipping him off that we are on our way to find him and he needs to run.

And that is exactly what he did. Although fortunately we were able to find out through one of the many animals that NoirCat had healed in his time in Finland where he had runway too. His friends indicated that he was in Golden Coast of Australia. Here are some of the animals that NoirCat helped heal.
cats NoirCat has healed

We also put out a warning poster for Monica in case she tries to help any other cats escape, we also fired her from out company because she had one job and that was to not to lose the damn cat and she did. monica wanted poster

WELL! It has been a hectic couple of days but we have finally found NoirCat. It’s time to take a mini vacation. I’ll see you soon FAM.


The House of Noir Getaway agents were finally able to meet yesterday! (about damn time)

We discussed many different things but the most significant we encounter was the NoirCat was actually one of our clients from before and he hit me up couple of weeks ago looking for some help and trying to get away from Maggie. I am not sure why he completely slipped my mind but we recovered the email he sent to my email and also his original case file.
house of noir getaway email

We found out that our agency had send NoirCat and his handler to Belize to get away from Maggie. After looking into the address his handler, Monica claimed they both were located we found out that in fact NoirCat was no longer in Belize and had run away. We gave Monica a call to find out the whereabouts of NoirCat. The phone call was not pleasant at times but found out that NoirCat is in Finland “healing” other animals.
Here is the audio of the phone call:

Next we will be traveling to Finland to retrieve NoirCat and being him safey. Hopefully this is the last update we will have regarding NoirCat becuase we will have found him by this time tommorow.

Week 12; Weekly Summary

This week we received our assignment!! Our task is to find the NoirCat that has gone missing. At first I was a little lost as to why our agency was assigned to find NoirCat when our agency helps people disappear! But upon further investigation and evidence it was event how much our client needed help finding NoirCat.

My job in HoN is to make sure people’s business on the home front is taken care but this is first time I am investigation a disappears it should be interesting.

After reviewing the evidence my team decided that our main outlet of media would be video to find the NoirCat. I logged onto HoN tumblr to find some popular destinations for NoirCat. The investigation is still pending and the group and I are meeting next Tuesday to discuss more details about our assignment but for this week we ventured out on our own and did our own investigations.

Here are my two updates for this week

Stay tuned as next week HoN investigates this odd case and tries to bring the NoirCat home.


Unfortunately due to timing I was unable to meet with my associates that are working on finding NoirCat but we will be meeting next Tuesday to discuss more details about what we as an agency are going to do to help Maggie find NoirCat.

In the mean time to help come up with ideas of where NoirCat could have ran away to, I logged onto the House of Noir’s tumblr to see what were some popular cat destinations. I found the following




But these are only possible destinations that have been popular for cats that have escaped through our agency hopefully we will be able to find NoirCat at one of these destinations!

I also started twittering about this case so hopefully that will help others around the world stay up date with our case. Wish us the best of luck :)


We recieved our assignment yesterday and after looking over the evidence we concluded that it was our job to find NoirCat. To make communication easier between myself and other House Of Noir getaway agents we made a facebook chat and google doc. I think this week has been extremely stressful for myself and my associates so we haven’t discussed the details of what we are doing to find NoirCat but I think we will probably meet sometime this week or next week to discuss what to do.

Initailly when Sebastian Crane sent us the assignment via email I was shocked because as an agency our job has always been to help dissapear but helping find NoirCat is something new. I am excited to see where this leads us all but I am unsure about how to go about this case personally. After helping people disappear for so long it sometimes can be difficult to find them.

But I guess only time will tell if our agency will be successful in finding NoirCat! Stay Tuned :)

Weekly Summary; Week 11

This was a rather hectic week second week for me in #ds106. This week we have to establish our agency House of Noir; Getaways. My group met this week to discuss the basics of our new organization. I was unfortunately unable to make it to the meeting because of work but my groupmates brought me up to speed about what we needed to get complete this week.

We composed a google doc to put all of our work together in one place. This is what we got started/finished this week.

Agency email: houseofnoirgetaways@gmail.com
Agency Website: http://houseofnoirgetaways.weebly.com/ (for our website we had to create a scenario and profile for ourselves)
Twitter: @HoN_Getaways
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2008498719291269/
Tumblr/Blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/houseofnoir106

We divided up the responsibilities for each individual social media. My job was to work on our tumblr blog. After editing the theme I started to reblog possible destination for our clients. I also reblogged some texts that were relevant to our agency. I also tagged the posts with specific tags such as “escape” “destinations” and “text” to make the blog more organized and easier to find specific things. I am hoping in the future to reblog some of our clients experiences they have had with our agency so we can get the word out of what an amazing company we are.

Also this week along with the assignments we had to complete I found myself creating a broader virtual version of myself. Before participating in this class I did not have a facebook or twitter because social media was not very much my scene but this class is forcing me open myself up to the world and I am excited to interact with others on the worldwide web!

I also completed 4 assignments this week.
These were all interesting and some were challenging for me personally. I was glad I had to opportunity to complete some assignments that would benefit HoN.

I also completed 2 TDC

and 10 comments!

All in all I was glad we were able to lay the groundwork for our agency this week. I think there is still a long way to go but I love the overall idea and I am existed to see where HoN heads next. :) Til next time FAM!

Design A License Plate

Design A License Plate-2pts

Also for House of Noir; Getaways I created a license plate. I used the website buildasign.com to make my design. I still have to see what my co-workers think about getting all of our license’s plates customized but I had a lot of fun making it. I am not sure it exactly meets state requirements to be a legitimate license plate but maybe we can make it a decal to put on all of the House of Noir cars. In my opinion I think it is great marketing for our company.

house of noir; getaway license plate-updated

Create Your Own Business Card

Create Your Own Business Card-2pts

For this assignment I made business cards for House of Noir; Getaways I made them on Microsoft publisher and left the title blank so I could forward them to my co-workers so they could put their names on it and have it for their convenience. Nothing makes you feel more official than having your own business card. I remember when I first moved to New York and I was looking for work my friend told me to make business cards and I wasn’t sure what to put on them because I had never had a job before coming to NY. It’s crazy how almost 3 years later I belong to a company and I am able to help so many people. Kind of amazing if you ask me.

HoN buisness card pdf-page-001